Stunningly Styled Belle Lumiere Film Workshop

From the photographer:

Last month, Belle Lumiere Magazine held a film photography workshop geared towards photographers of all levels ranging from never held a film camera before to ones who have been shooting film for a few years but wanting to improve their craft. Like many of the other attendees at the workshop, I had started out in film, left it behind when digital came out and just starting to rediscover film again.

At the workshop it was my first time shooting with medium format film and I instantly fell in love with the whole process. It was great to slow down and immerse myself with a group of like minded creatives, all wanting to take the time to explore film. I have to admit that initially I did keep checking the back of my camera but after a couple hours of shooting, I started to just trust myself. It was even better when I got my images back from Film Box a couple weeks later and saw the colours and quality of film through my own images. It was an unforgettable experience and none of this would have been possible without the amazing team that Lexi Vornberg brought together.

The teachers, Elisa, Edward, Austin and Ryan were all so knowledgeable, approachable and patient with each any every one of us. Ginny Au and her team were unbelievable with the styling, everything was so elegantly simple and authentic, such a joy to photograph. Also Caylin the model was gorgeous, Amanda Gros did a wonderful job with her hair and make-up.


Photography: Heidi Lau Photography | Film Lab used: Film Box | Workshop: Belle Lumiere |
Cameras: Contax Rental | Styling: Ginny Au | Paper Suite: Abany Bauer (Brown Linen) | Rentals: 12th Table | Hair and Makeup: Amanda Gros | Teachers: Elisa and Edward Bricker, Austin Gros and Ryan Bernal | Model: Caylin Cervetti | Dress: Dress Theory | Dress Designer: Sarah Seven | Florals: Kelly Lenard, Intertwine | Location of Event: Bloomsbury Farm, Smyrna, TN

Intimate Toronto Central Island Photo Session

There is no better place to celebrate Sasha and Eldevin’s love than the beautiful setting that the Toronto Islands offer. With a see-like view of Lake Ontario on one side, and the city skyline on the other, the Islands are made for lovers – and lovers of nature. This makes it heaven on earth for Sasha and Eldevin’s engagement photo session.

This too-cute-to-be-true couple met when they were still in high school. And with every passing day, their initial friendship grew into a romantic relationship. With their upcoming destination-wedding, there is no doubt that more great memories will be made on sandy beaches. We wish them luck on their future life together.

Photographer: Katya Leclerc | Florist: Botany Floral Studio

Another example of stunning contemporary calligraphy

Stephanie Fishwick

Perhaps I'm a little strange, but if there is one thing other than film that really stirs my soul, it's contemporary calligraphy. On film, of course. I adore everything about it. The whimsy, the delicate strokes, the character behind each letter... it is unique, elegant and artful. I just love it. I might go to Stephanie Fishwick's workshop this November in Charlotesville, Virginia just to learn how to do it myself. It's something I desperately want to get into but need to tools and knowledge before I jump in head first. Decisions, decisions... 

Calligraphy by Stephanie Fishwick, Photo and styling by Corbin Gurkin and Pearl and Godiva

Starry Nights, City Lights Inspiration Board

I am so very excited to share this inspiration board with you all. A bold and beautiful bride hired me recently to design her September 2015 wedding at the National Arts Centre here in Ottawa. It is being held in a rooftop tent in the centre of the city, and she wanted to do something "vintage, modern, and different"... all at the same time. She kept saying that she wanted it to look like a starry night, but she wasn't sure what she meant by that. I understood though. Initially she wanted to go with a very soft colour palette, with creams, champagnes, golds, and some black elements to make it more modern. She wanted to find a way to mix vintage glam with modern city flair.

I took it to another level. She seemed like the kind of bride that could pull off a more moody, darker colour palette, as long as it was still chic and timeless rather than trendy. Midnight blue table clothes, cigar bars, gold votives with wine and berry inspired florals and gold letter press seemed to be reminiscent of a rich night on the town under the city stars, and with bistro lights strung around the tent and behind the head table, I think it will look breathtaking. 

Ethereal Engagement Session from Lake Erie, Ontario (Part 2)

This beautiful engagement session was actually shot with three completely different looks, and we loved them all so much that we decided to publish them in separate posts! 

From the bride:

My favourite part of fairy tales has always been the ending as the couple rides off into the sunset and their happily ever after. I suppose since I was a little girl, I’ve always hoped to find my own Prince Charming to share my sunset with. Only in my search I’ve never thought to look to my schoolmates. It was not until both of us moved across the ocean that I even thought to look at something that has been in front of me for such a long time. Despite the fact that we lived in different countries, he in Canada and I in United States, the distance between us managed to bring us closer together. Not being able to see each other all the time made the time we were able to spend together all that much sweeter and meaningful. Vacations became precious times we could bask in each other’s company almost as much as we did in the sun.

It was on one such vacation that we took to celebrate my birthday, that the love of my life asked me to spend the rest of my life with him on a Jamaican beach filled with the light from the setting sun. My very own happily ever after.

I suppose, my personal fairy tale romance is what inspired our engagement shoot. The day we spent together only confirmed what I already knew, I found my Prince Charming.

From the designer:

Alina contacted us with the idea that she wants a vintage theme engagement photo shoot; however, she still wanted it to look fresh. We worked on different colour combinations and decided that purple, shades of pink and white would work beautifully together. It was supposed to thunderstorm on the day of the photo shoot but we took or chances and got lucky!

We started off shooting with a white horse in a fashionable Lucian Matis gown in the field near the barn of the very nice couple who let us use their territory free of charge. Sasha built the swings and the florist decorated them with the flowers. In a blush colour Maje dress, on the swings, with a white horse behind them, Sasha and Alina looked ethereal and so happy!

Our last look was on the beach nearby, while the couple was shooting with the horse, together with Caprice Décor we set the table for Alina and Sasha to enjoy glass of wine and fruits. The photographer let them do their own thing and enjoy themselves on the beach on the sunset just catching candid perfect moments, no posing, just real life emotions and lot of love.

Photography: Purple Tree Photography | Creative Direction, Planning and Styling: Affairy Events | Flowers and stationery: Caprice Design and Décor | Dress: Lucian Matis | Hair: Irina Lavrega | Location: Lake Erie, Ontario