Workshops Ottawa

We're connecting with creatives across the city to host spectacular workshops in our new store. Not only were we promoting local entrepreneurs but we're becoming a hub for accessible, creative education. We've already hosted a series of calligraphy and floral workshop and are searching for our next teachers, so stay tuned! 

(we're currently working on the 2018 workshop schedule)


Host a Workshop

Want to host a workshop in Ottawa? If you're ready to teach your skill, make new friends and expand your brand awareness, fill out our fancy form below. Our space rental is $95 + HST per evening.

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Your Name
Ideal Date for your Workshop
Ideal Date for your Workshop
We are limiting workshops to 1 per week from June through September. Available to book every day but Fridays after 6pm only.
We have seats and table space for 14 comfortably, but if we move our tables you can seat more depending on the layout.
Target market for the workshop?
Pick all that apply, but try to give us the most accurate representation of who will be walking into the store.
We have tables, chairs, display cases and more, but if you have something specific that you need (like a fridge, storage etc) let us know.
We'll be using our large social media reach to announce the workshop leading up to the event, but we need you to put in lots of effort too.