Sweet Country Engagement in Dunrobin

I don't often post engagement sessions any more, but when Amy from Winsome and Whimsy in Ottawa sent over this sweet country engagement, I wanted to share :) I've recently been trying to compile an article on what to wear for your engagement session for my wedding planning/design couples, and this is a perfect addition to my collection! The mix of patterns in the bride's dress, the groom's shirt, and the blanket, all in complementary hues and not too juxtaposed to the surroundings is perfect! And I'm a fan of any girl that can properly pull off a pair of Hunter's with a dress. Bravo - I can't do it for the life of me.

The shoot took place on Thanksgiving weekend (it was uncharacteristically warm!), in a field near Pinhey's Point in Dunrobin, just outside of Ottawa.  Marie Eve had a very clear vision, in that she wanted a field with "tall, weedy grass."  Amy searched high and low and discovered this beautiful location while shooting a family session at Pinhey's Point.  "I stopped my car, got out and snapped a pic with my cell phone.  I sent the pic to Marie Eve, and she responded instantly that the location was perfect!  So here we are, with perfect weather and a perfect location - just what these two deserve.  They are SO amazing.  They are fun, enthusiastic, and so in love.'

'Marie-Eve and Marc are getting married in Westport on May 31, 2014.  They met three years ago when Marc was the FedEx guy for the office where Marie-Eve was working at the time.  Marc charmed Marie-Eve into a date, then another, then another, and before you know it, they were dating.  Marie-Eve described their love as "written in the stars" (insert heart melting here), and that they were inseparable.  Their love is so strong that they feel as if they have been together in lives past and that they have found each other again.  With love like that, it was only a matter of time before they started talking marriage.  They made the decision together to get married, and here we are! "

Photography: Winsome and Whimsy