Featured in Weddingbells Magazine: Colourful Wedding at Britannia Yacht Club in Ottawa Ontario

Last year on June 25th, Sarah & Pascal got married with their closest family and friends at the Britannia Yacht Club. We designed and coordinated the whole day and it was our very first wedding where we did 100% of the flower arrangements. It was also the first time we used the massive wood arch that our planner Jenna and her hubby made for us. Danica from our team even made all of the sweets and the cake on their beautiful sweets table (under her company The Sugar Lab). Between the bride's own DIY pieces and my whole team's collaboration, we worked together to create something pretty special. So special that it was published in the Weddingbells Magazine Spring/Summer 2017 edition!

Weddingbells Wedding Planner

So here's the part I'm not supposed to talk about but I'm going to do it anyway. Sarah & Pascal knew that this was my first big order but they took a chance on me anyway. Everything turned out really beautfifully in the end but damn, you couldn't tell from the explosion of flowers in my apartment! Every square inch was COVERED in flowers from the kitchen through the living room to my balcony, and the bouquets were in my bedroom hugging the air conditioner. Trust me when I say that being buried in flowers isn't as amazing as it sounds. Sarah & Pascal's wedding was the first of 14 weddings that we did full orders for last year, and it was a lot to handle in such a small space. Jordan had already moved in and neither him nor my cat were particularly pleased with the revolving door of people coming over, buckets getting spilt and huge piles of leaves and stems to pick out of the carpet after each event. It got so overwhelming that Jordan took it upon himself to clean up after a few weddings which took him hours each time. It was amazing of him but he shouldn't have to do that. You know? You can read the whole behind-the-scenes post here but here's a sneak peek:

Running a flower shop from an apartment
Running a Floral Studio from your apartment

The bigger issue, we would soon discover, was that Britannia Yacht Club doesn't have any air conditioning. The reception area is on the second floor. It was one of the hottest days of the year. 

Christine and I brought all of the flowers up and fully set up hours before schedule which was amazing. We were so pleased that we would have time to soak our feet in the water and cool off before the ceremony... until we started seeing the colour in the peonies fade from hot pink to a pale peach as the temperature quickly climbed and climbed to around 33 degrees indoors. It turns out that Coral Charm peonies lose their colour dramatically as they start to die. They still looked really pretty - don't get me wrong! - but that vibrant hot pink becomes soft peach in heat. If you look at the pictures below, you'll see that the ones taken earlier in the day have bright pink peonies and as the day progresses you see more and more pale. We were in trouble. 

 Coral Charm Peony in the morning...

Coral Charm Peony in the morning...

 Coral Charm Peony in the evening...

Coral Charm Peony in the evening...

The only space in the entire building that had an AC unit was the manager's office on the first floor. The second that we realized it was too hot for the flowers to survive until dinner in the heat, we had to tear everything down and bring it to the manager's office to chill before the cocktail hour. We watered everything as full as we could and hoped that the flowers would stop wilting and come back to life. Good news: they did. Right before the ceremony began, we hustled HARD to get all the flowers back upstairs and set up again. I've never had to set up the same wedding twice and I'll never make that mistake again!

satin and snow wedding ottawa_0027.jpg

The rest of the night was perfect. It cooled down a little bit once the sun dropped, the wind from the water slowly swept the humidity our of the sauna of a hall, and everyone danced away the night. Christine and I had some downtime after the dancing began so we did get to go for a half-swim - we hiked our dresses up and waded as deep into the water as we could go before we got caught. Just what we needed after a physically crazy day. Not to mention I got crazy sun burns from my limited time outside for the ceremony. 

All in all, the day was absolutely perfect and it was such a pleasure to be a part of, from beginning to end. And now they have a beautiful baby to enjoy their anniversary with. How amazing is that, and how quickly time flies... 

Here are some of our favourite shots by photographer Laura Kelly. Happy Anniversary Sarah & Pascal! Hope life with your beautiful baby is everything you dreamed of.

Coordination, Styling, Florals: Satin & Snow // Photography: Laura Kelly Photography // Venue: Britannia Yacht Club //Bride's Dress: Maggie Sottero from Dominique Levesque // Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo from Yen's Bridal // Bride's Shoes: Town Shoes // Hair: Radha Subramani // Makeup: Radha Subramani // Menswear: Moore's // Veil: Yen's Bridal // Bridesmaids' Earrings: Sarah Walsh Bridal // Invitations: Vistaprint // Officiant: Julie Keon Life Cycle Celebrant // Vow Booklets: Noteworthy Design Co. // Reception Chairs: Rebel Tent // Table Numbers: P.S. Weddings and Events // Sweets Table: The Sugar Lab / Satin & Snow