Brittany Frid Featured on CTV Morning Live

I know we had this all over Facebook, but I don't think we ever shared it here!

Back in February, I was asked by the lovely ladies of Tie the Knot wedding show here in Ottawa to join them on CTV Morning Live to discuss the latest themes in the wedding design world. I don't like "themes" in weddings and avoid the word like the plague, but I think I was able to identify three popular styles and show how they have evolved over the years. I tried really hard to illustrate how to make these styles your own, how to make them more contemporary and more personality-based as opposed to theme-based. Did you catch my drift?

Shout out to Tanya of Presh Floral who was clutch that day. We had less than a week to put the whole segment together. Yay team work!

Brittany Frid on CTV Live Morning

Here's Earleen from Tie the Knot and myself in front of my 3 displays: Modern, Country and Bohemian.

Wedding Planner on CTV Morning Live

The Modern Display. One of the biggest trends we are seeing are loose, whimsical floral arrangements, bold patterns, mixed metals and Marsala, the 2015 Pantone colour of the year. I find that industrial design is really starting to influence the wedding world in all the right ways. I suggest finding a bold, contemporary colour (Pantone colours truly are fantastic starting spots), finding the complimentary metal, and asking your florist to show you what florals would work best for hand-tied arrangements on your table. Incorporate as much graphic design and contemporary lettering/calligraphy as you can. The bolder you go graphically, the better! 

Wedding Planner on CTV Morning Live

The Country Display. Country has always been popular, but I'm trying hard to push girls away from turquoise, hay, burlap and mason jars because, honestly, I think it's overdone. I suggest refining the look by upgrading burlap to raw linen, mason jars to milk vases, and baby's breath to lavender. There are so many ways to upgrade the look and make it more refined. 

Wedding Planner on CTV Morning Live

The Bohemian Display. This one's fun. Whimsical used to include streamers and balloons, which are still popular, but now we're seeing bigger statements from brides using bold patters, bright colours and wild arrangements. I love it! Get creative with it. Find art from your first apartment together and hang them at the venue. Mix your grandmother's crocheted doilies with antlers on the table. Pick flowers from your mother's garden for the centrepieces. There are so many ways to truly make this eclectic look your own: so own it!

No matter what you do, make the design your own. Use your story as a couple to determine what your couple's style is and carry that story throughout your design. Have fun finding out funny bits of your childhood and seeing how you can incorporate it into the day. Did your fiancé take hip hop classes when he was young? Surprise your guests with a professional hip hop performance to start off the dance floor. Does your mother have an obsession with tea cups? Use them as candle votives on the guest tables. Be creative!

Just in case the clip doesn't work above, here's the link.