When Lisa from The Salt & Light Studio asked if I'd be interested in modelling for a personal film project she was working on for her branding, I immediately said yes - not only do I love Lisa but her work is absolutely beautiful and speaks to me, plus I'm not camera shy... 

But then she asked if I knew a man that I could model with, potentially naked and definitely intimate in one capacity or another. I had just been on my first date with Jordan earlier that morning, and while it was crazy, I figured why the hell not.

I asked him later that day: "Would you be interested in modelling with me in a movie, possibly naked?" I had no further details than that, but he said yes anyway. For all he knew, we could have been shooting a porno. 

That wasn't the case though. The short video is on Lisa's Instagram but in the meantime, Jordan surprised me by buying the stills from the shoot and I think they are so ridiculously beautiful I could cry (and have). We barely did anything: we just stood around doing exactly what we normally do, being all lovey dovey and stuff most people hate seeing lol. But I love it.  

Here's Part 1: taken from my apartment. He moved in one month after I asked him to do this shoot - the day after we went on our first date.