How to make a table arrangement for you Valentine's Day dinner

For the gentlemen out there planning a Valentine's Day dinner for their bride-to-be, you won't want to forget flowers for the table. So Presh Floral is sharing how to create an easy vase arrangement. Here's what you'll need:

How to make a flower arrangement


  • Footed vase
  • Flower frog (approx $10-20 depending on the size)
  • Floral putty such as Surestik (approx $15)
  • Floral clippers (approx $10-20)
  • A towel


  • Keira garden roses (3 stems – approx $7/stem)
  • Majolika spray roses (1 stem – approx $4/stem)
  • Light pink hyacinth (1 stem – approx $5/stem)
  • White spray roses (1 stem – approx $4/stem)
  • White ranunculus (3 stems – approx $5/stem)
  • White veronica (2 stems – approx $3/stem)
  • White stock (2 stems – approx $5/stem)
  • White frilly edged tulips (3 stems – approx $4/stem)
  • Salal (2 stems – approx $1/stem)
  • English ivy (clip 2 vines – approx $10-20 for a pot)
  • Tiki tree fern (1 stem – approx $0.50/stem)
How to make a flower arrangement


 Step One:   Once you've picked your vase make sure it is clean and dry. If the vase is wet, it will be difficult to securely place the flower frog. If the vase is not clean, the flowers won't last as long. 

How to make a flower arrangement

Step Two:   We prefer to use frogs to secure flowers in arrangements because they are more environmentally friendly than floral foam. Floral foam is not biodegradable, cannot be re-used and contains some not so great for you ingredients. Also, certain flowers don't do so well in floral foam. Our favourite flower frogs are available at Lee Valley in several sizes and shapes.

Flower frog

Step Three:   To secure the frog into your vase, place a circle of floral putty around perimeter of the flat side and a little bit in the middle. Floral putty is basically very strong sticky tac and is available at large craft stores. 

Step Four:   Place the flower frog in the centre of your place and use a towel to press it into place to protect your hands. Once the frog is securely in place, fill your vase with water. 

How to secure a flower frog

Step Five:   Create a base of greenery for your arrangement by placing pieces of salal around the perimeter of the vase. 

How to make a flower arrangement

Step Six:   Next, place a focal flower such as a garden rose towards the front of the vase. Fill in around the garden rose with spray roses, ranunculus, and hyacinth so that the flower frog is not visible. If you would like the arrangement to be viewed from all angles as opposed to being “front-facing”, make sure to turn the arrangement around and place some flowers on the other side as well.

How to make a flower arrangement
How to make a flower arrangement

Step Seven:   To create more interest, add some line flowers, like veronica and stock, to the arrangement as well as some greenery like tree fern and ivy. 

How to make a flower arrangement
How to make a flower arrangement

Step Eight:   Set the table with your creation and don't forget the champagne and candles!

How to make a flower arrangement

Photography by Grace & Gold Studios // Styling by Brittany Frid of Satin & Snow // Floral design by Presh Florals

The editor, Brittany Frid, and the Satin & Snow team are wedding planners and editorial stylists based in Ottawa, Ontario. To learn more about what we do, please visit our services page