Industrial Wedding Venues

  P hotography by:  Aneta Mak Photography

Photography by: Aneta Mak Photography

Why choose an industrial wedding venue

Industrial spaces are generally large warehouse-style spaces built for factory production, not for hosting weddings. With the right styling though, they make the perfect contemporary setting for couples with a lot of creativity and an eye for design.They are virtually a blank canvas; you are given an empty room with which to play. 

Typically, you see a lot of exposed brick walls, poured concrete floors, wood ceilings, iron posts - so wholly unperfect and beautiful, but it can be tricky trying to make it into a space that is wedding-appropriate. With the right layout and the right decor, you can really turn the cold, raw space into something incredibly intimate and completely unique.

How to style your industrial venue

Think contemporary, clean lines. These come from a variety of your fixtures: long family-style tables make the seating intimate, strings of bistro lights strung from the exposed ceilings that add warmth, naked wood or galvanized steel chairs add to the rustic, relaxed vibe. Simple linens and lots of natural greenery and florals to add a little life and balance to the raw space. We adore the pure juxtaposition that the industrial space adds to typically frilly, overly-feminine weddings.

However, it is important to remember that each piece should be carefully chosen and serves its purpose. Part of the beauty of a contemporary space is its emptiness and blanks walls - don't hide that underneath overdone decor.

Here are some examples of industrial spaces with complimentary decor:

 Photofraphy by  Apryl Ann Photography

Photofraphy by Apryl Ann Photography

 Photography by:  Jen Huang Photography  

Photography by: Jen Huang Photography 

 Photography by:  Aneta Mak Photography  

Photography by: Aneta Mak Photography 

 Photography by:  Zaugh Photography

Photography by: Zaugh Photography

Industrial venues in ottawa

If you're looking for a location in Ottawa, you could try to rent warehouse spaces or opt for gallery spaces like the Museum of Nature's Third Floor Gallery, which we've designed three weddings for already and love (pictured below). We're really excited to host two weddings at the Horticulture Building at Landsdowne next year as it's one of the coolest industrial spaces that we've seen in Ottawa so far. 

 Photography by  Union Eleven  // Designed & Planned by  Satin & Snow

Photography by Union Eleven // Designed & Planned by Satin & Snow

  Photography by   Union Eleven   // Designed & Planned by   Satin & Snow

Photography by Union Eleven // Designed & Planned by Satin & Snow

Another personal choice would be the Bridgehead Roastery on Preston Avenue. This is the contemporary look I would go for, I love the wood and metal, and that there is already a bar. And, in the heart of Little Italy, there is always the option to go for gelato after. 

Bridgehead Ottawa

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