Jenny Packham 2013 Bridal Campaign

Jenny Packham is celebrating the company's 25th anniversary this year, and did she ever do a magnificent job designing the 2013 collections. I find that the above dresses featured in her campaign are heavily influenced with this years "Great Gatsby" theme trend. A number of her dresses have lowered waist-lines reminiscent of the slim Roaring 1920's flapper gowns, and they have the bead-work to compliment it. I am loving the use of all the capped sleeves and complimentary draping to the lower waist. Jenny is known to admire 20's era fashions: “It was a wonderfully liberating time for women,” she said. "There’s a “strong contemporary relevance.”

Here's what I love about this 20's trend: it's about women feeling comfortable and free to wear and do what they want. It's about feeling sexy but not offending your grandparents. It's about having a good time. That's what a wedding should be: a party.

Reema Acra, another high-end wedding gown designer, had a really great quote from a recent article in The New York Times:

There’s a combination of what’s going on in the movies et cetera, but I feel like today’s girl also wants to be free,” said Ms. Acra, whose spring collection is her first to be inspired by the Jazz Age. “She wants the glamour, but she wants the flowy dress — so she can move — the sexiness and the embellishment,” she said. “All these elements, in my mind, are saying ’20s.