Judgement Day

Last night, the Satin & Snow girls got together for what we have been fondly referring to as "Judgement Day." We received an exact total of 50 internship applications (good gracious!) from all over Ontario and had stacks and stacks of really incredible stories to read about.

So how did we manage to get through them all in one evening? Well, we set up on the patio with a bottle of sparkling wine, put on good music and ate far too many cupcakes as we spent the night gossiping and critiquing all the applicantions. It was fun. I swear we are good people. Side note: it’s amazing how much you can learn about someone based on where they like to eat.

While we were passing judgment and being basic bitches, otherwise known as the review process, we learned a number of very important things about our team and have compiled a small list of tips for the applicants who might be reading this right now:

  1. Christine’s RBF  (“resting bitch face” for those who also had to look it up) is rather intimidating, particularly when deciding between mint and pistachio cupcakes and reviewing grammatical errors in applications. Applicants beware.
  2. Jenna is surprisingly judgmental when it comes to Sushi and Pho restaurants. I strongly urge you not to mention them during the interviews.
  3. Becca is clearly not human (which we suspected already but can now confirm due to her ability to read minds and resist having a third cupcake). If you are lying during your interview, she will know.
  4. Brittany… well, she just likes to talk. Bring up one of her favourite restaurants and she’ll purr like a kitten. A hungry kitten. 

Good luck to all the applicants! We have sent an email to all qualifying participants to select interview dates. We really look forward to meeting you this weekend!