Old Hollywood Glam Wedding Inspiration

I designed this Old Hollywood wedding style board specifically for one of my brides next year. A little while ago, I had posted on the Satin & Snowflakes' Facebook page saying that I was having a really great time coming up with the design concept for this "Old Hollywood meets 1920's lounge" wedding. Everyone was so curious about it that I really wanted to share the inspiration board. This is my take on Old Hollywood wedding inspiration.

Old Hollywood Wedding Inspiration

The goal wasn't to go Old Hollywood "Glam", like so many couples imagine. When you search for images in this category, all you see are 10' tall tornado vases with ostrich feathers and faux crystals, white cakes with black satin sashes and red carnations, and candelabras draped in faux pearls. Personally, I'm not a fan.

When I think Old Hollywood, my mind drifts a little further back in history. I imagine walking into a trendy lounge in the 1920's. The kind of place where you would go after a night at the theatre, looking for a stiff drink in a dim place where the music is loud and melancholy and the smoke is thick in the air. I see worn leather furniture and wood-panelled walls, and soft lighting that makes the skin of the glamorous woman in the booth next to you look like she's a movie star. Ladies of jazz sing to groups of men in sharp suits smoking cigars and women dripping in pearls and fur, from a stage surrounded by ornate red velvet curtains trimmed with gold.

Yes, my vision of Old Hollywood is very specific, and yet there are so many ways that a wedding designer can incorporate such a specific vision into your big day. For example, I would set the stage right away by welcoming your guests as they enter the venue with a glass of champagne served in vintage glasses by attendants in white gloves. Create the right mood by playing greats like Cole Porter and Billie Holiday mixed with modern lounge music. Invite your guests to be seated to luxurious champagne and cream coloured linens with rich garnet red and blush florals bursting from antique votives, lit only by the soft glow of tea lights scattered strategically around them. That's just the tip of the iceberg...

The bride steals the show when she arrives in her glamorous gown and fur shawl, smouldering eyes and sultry red lips. The groom looks extra debonaire in his slim-fitted tuxedo, hair slicked back, with his bride on his arm.

I can't wait to see this come to fruition with my bride and groom next season...