Autumnal Pumpkin Wedding in Seattle

Now this is how to properly incorporate the Autumn season into your wedding decor. You don’t need to have burnt orange, chocolate-brown or mustard yellow in your wedding just because you are getting married in October. How about incorporating some beautiful gourds into your arrangements? If you can’t find any pale shades of gourds or pumpkins like the ones featured in McKenzie Powell’s enchanting arrangements here, try painting them. This wedding reminds me something right out of the pages of Cinderella. Here’s a little more from McKenzie herself (incase you haven’t noticed, I kind of have a crush on this Seattle-based florists’ designs):

You know what gets me? Kind of catches me off guard? Really friendly grooms. Not that most of the grooms I work with aren’t great, but usually on the wedding day I either a.) don’t really see them or b.) their stomachs are doing flips, so the last thing they care about is how I’m doing. (I really don’t blame them. No hurt feelings here.) But Chris was the exception. He appeared so calm, so happy. Going around to everyone setting up, asking how they were doing, if they needed anything. And it makes complete sense because Erin, his bride, is one of those people you’ll love the minute you meet her. She’s all smiles, beautiful, and sweet. Working with her was a dream. She gave me complete trust and made the entire process a breeze. Plus she’s a designer herself and has great taste. That helps. Oh but then comes her parents… Her dad left a super sweet comment on my Facebook page; her mom sent me a thank you card that brought me to tears. It’s pinned up in my office, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to toss it. It’s a good reminder of one of the many reasons why I love this job.

When a man from the catering staff commented on our beautiful gourds and pumpkins, I told him that I had planted the little seeds back in May, cut them from their vines in September, wiped them all down by hand, sorted them, and loaded them onto the truck in 20+ crates. He chuckled with wide eyes, clearly assuming that I must be joking. I was not.

Sean Flanigan captured the day beautifully at Robinswood House in Bellevue. The lovely blue settee is from Vintage AmbianceLisa Dupar Catering‘s entire staff was incredible. I can’t say enough good about them. Food-loving perfectionists. Bless them all! And to knock it out of the ballpark, Erin Skipley handled hair and makeup.

Source: McKenzie Powell Floral & Event Design