Pronovias 2015 Fashion Show in Barcelona

O.M.G. Did you see that nearly naked dress?! I love it! Usually when I see extra revealing dresses, the meshy parts that are supposed to look nude look like cling-wrap, but this one actually looks like the seamstress sewed the lace right onto the model's skin. Wow... I would love to meet the bride that can pull that off. I bet she'd make a great martini.

This collection was one that left me wanting more... like that lingering kiss you can't get out of your head. I found each dress was feminine and quite sensual, which is not something I have ever associated with Pronovias before. Honestly, I've always found the brand to be a little too "heavy", for lack of a better word. Maybe a little too traditional for my liking. This year's collection is light, airy, sexy and sophisticated. It reminded me of Elie Saab - it looks like it was designed to flatter a woman's best assets (her curves) with luxurious materials with a throw-back to '40s glamour. If this is the direction the brand is taking, I'm on board! 

From Pronovias: Sumptuous fabrics are the essence of the Atelier Pronovias collection: exquisite French and Chantilly lace, mikado silk, crepe or brocade are particularly important. There is also plenty of satin and soft satin conjured into lingerie-inspired dresses with a touch of Hollywood glamour from the thirties and forties. Tulle has been used to create sinuous layering on long sleeves and at the neckline and back, embellished with delicate embroidery creating a magical tattoo effect on the skin. Plunging backs and necklines with floral lace, new hand-draping and embroidery in pastel colours give a romantic air to these gowns presented by the firm at a special time for the Catalan firm, its 50th anniversary.

Oh wow, just learned something new. Turns out that "Elie by Elie Saab" is actually a Pronovias collection - no wonder he jumped to mind when I saw this collection!