Meet Satin & Snow's Newest Team Member

Satin & Snow has a new team member! 

Shop Cat

After searching for months for the right shop cat, I stumbled across an ad on Kijiji from a private animal rescue in Embrun. I happened to be heading to dinner with my brothers in Cornwall yesterday and thought we could stop in to see her on the way before they close for the holidays. 
The rescue was actually in the basement of a home and it was filthy, smelled horrific, and seemed like a terrible place for animals (but obviously anything is better than the cold). The second they put this cat in my arms, she wrapped her paws around my neck and my waist like a big bear hug and she mushed right into me like she was relieved. In 30 seconds, I said “I’m taking her.” She fell asleep in my arms while my brother drove us to Cornwall for dinner and back home to the shop after. I’ve never seen a cat so calm in a car.

She’s extremely tiny. She was only a couple months old when they found her pregnant in a barn over a year ago. She looks malnourished, has leaky eyes and needs to be spayed. Once she gets settled in to her new home here, I’ll be bringing her for absolutely anything she needs at my vet. I bought her the best wet and dry food from Masters 'n Dogs Westboro and she’s loving it. Our friends Alex and Bill surprised her with toys and treats today too (thank you so much guys!). She loves to be pet but didn’t want to sit on my lap, although she’s starting to snuggle now that she’s more comfortable. And she talks! We chit chat back and forth. It’s adorable.

The name the rescue gave her wasn’t fitting for such a sweet girl (they called her Bubbles). Please welcome Lady Grey of Satin & Snow. Darling, you’re going to be very loved!