Vera Wang Fall 2014 Collection

There is a fantastic scene in "Funny Face", starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, that I am reminded of immediately when looking at Vera Wang's new collection. The opening scene begins with Kay Thompson playing the role of a highly regarded editor of a high-end fashion magazine, walking into her glamorously modern office in a fit of rage. She summons all her seven of her assistants immediately and begins flipping through the pages of the newest edition of their glossy-paged magazine, ready to hit the stands, with pure disgust.

As she flips through page after page, she starts getting bored and angered by seeing the same old styles and colours that regularly grace the pages of their publication. She turns to her assistants in disappointment. "A magazine must have blood, and brains, and 'bazazz'. This is just... paper, and if I send paper to the American woman, I will have let her down. Yes, 'D' for down, 'D' for dreary, 'D' for dull and for depressing and dismal and deadly." she says while drawing giant "D"s on all of the pages.

She stops to gain her composure and one of her assistants lights a cigarette for her. As it is being lit, she sees a hot pink flyer on her desk, and comes to an epiphany: "Ah, here it is! Here is our theme, here is our answer: PINK!" They then proceed to break into song and dance for 5 minutes about how wonderful the colour pink is. (You can see the fantastic video of this whole scene here if I didn't sell it hard enough for you).

I think it is one of the best movies of all time, and when I saw Vera Wang's 2014 Fall collection, I immediately started singing that song, "Think Pink!", in my head. In a time where coloured dresses are only just starting to make an appearance, and brides are still skeptical about even choosing the soft blush tones on the market right now, out comes Vera Wang with the brightest collection of mixed pink dresses you've ever seen. This closely follows the heels of her red collection. Clearly, Vera is trying to give the bridal market a big shot of tequila to help loosen us up a little.

I love her designs. I don't know a woman that doesn't. I bet everyone readying this right now probably loves these dresses too but is saying that they "couldn't" do it on their wedding day. And I ask, "Why not?" Somebody's got to shake it up a bit. Vera did it. Bravo Vera.