A Little Instagram Shoot

When I told my best friend, Vicki, that I was interested in putting together a teeny tiny Instagram photo shoot for Satin & Snowflakes, she immediately volunteered to be my model. Her and I debated over a bottle of wine (or two) about location, theme, props, and what time of day… I was hoping for a foggy morning with a bright warm sunrise, so we agreed that I’d pick her up at 6:00am and we’d be on location and shooting by 7:00am. We were crazy.

The morning was cold and damp, there was no fog, and it was so cloudy that we couldn’t see the sun rise at all. Yet the photos turned out incredibly clear, bright, and soft considering how dark and dreary it was outside. The backdrop to our lovely photo session was the Rockcliffe Park Pavilion, and old stone  covered platform overlooking the Rideau River that is frequently used to host outdoor wedding ceremonies. At 7:00am on a cold, rainy morning, it was completely deserted and perfect! We brought her dog, Bowser, and had a lot of fun. Poor Vicki was chilled to the bone, but she was such a good sport about it. Her only concern was that she didn’t want her goosebumps showing! Over-all, the photo shoot was a ton of fun. 

Thank you for being a perfect model, Vicki. You are so beautiful. Hopefully there’s a picture in here that you can bring with you to your new home in Calgary with Mark! Congratulations!

Photographer: Brittany Frid / Model: Victoria Gawn / Dog: Bowser / Dress: Jacob