Winter-Inspired Couple's Session

Laura Kelly and I will find any excuse to do a shoot together. I don't need anyone to twist my arm, especially when an amazing photographer approaches me with a great concept and lets me run with it. We're a great team: she finds an adorable couple, I find the vendors and away we go.

This time, it was the middle of the winter and we were getting a little stir crazy. Laura told me about this sweet couple that she's been friends with for a while and wanted to do something special for them. We thought that a wintery photo shoot was just what we needed to get our creativity sparked again before the new year began. 

With the help of our heroes at Amy & Jen Decor, we set up a sweet little winter picnic with sugar cookies, mincemeat pies and hot chocolate right in the middle of a snowy park. With parkas and a heated car nearby, we were ready to shoot as soon as the beautiful Rachel and her boyfriend Matt were ready to brave the cold. We think the shoot turned out quite special. Thanks for being our muses, Rachel & Matt!

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