Women + Whiskey Update

 photo by:  @rothbauerphoto  

photo by: @rothbauerphoto 

So many of you have joined the Women + Whiskey Club that I’m actually out of invitations already! I had printed 40 but we’ve already received 45 applications and they keep coming in. This is SO MUCH BIGGER than I ever dreamed and I’m thrilled that you all can see how much fun this will be 🙌🏻 It’s going to take longer than I anticipated to get the next round of invitations out: I literally thought that 40 invites would cover at least a few months. I’m setting up a temporary password so you can RSVP to this Thursday’s dinner. I’ve got a couple more events on the docket too so go check them out! 
The temporary password will be sent by email to everyone who has applied so far. This is going to be HEWGE!