A Rustic Fall Portrait Session in Edmonton

This gorgeous styled shoot was submitted to me from Becky Veasey, notable wedding photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta. This is by far the most gorgeous Fall bouquet I have ever seen and hope that all you lovely Fall brides can use this as a great source of inspiration. I think all my Ottawa brides will remember the DIY peach wedding that I styled for Erika & Eddie back in June, so it was nice to see a different interpretation of how to incorporate the fruit into decor. Thanks for the submission Becky! Here’s a little more from the photographer’s blog:

Sigh. Did you hear that? That was my heart singing. Meet two people, who I without question love with all my heart. These are two people, who literally, would give you the shirt off their back. Their love for one another is so intense and passionate, it makes you just a wee bit jealous.

Mike and Ashton were married just weeks before this shoot, and sadly I couldn’t be there. Ashton and I promised to one another, or I kind of emailed and begged, but promising sounds much better, that when they were back from the East coast we would work together. I had this small brain baby and thought, that I wanted to show brides how to incorporate beautiful and if not unusual items into their wedding; peaches! You can have a centrepiece that is a statement without breaking the bank. This entire session was DIY (Do it yourself).

The only sad part was Alberta Weather reared her ugly head and we literally shot this entire session in I would say 20 minutes before the massive down pour. The mosquitos were I.N.S.A.N.E – the original location was punted immediately as the clouds loomed in. Condensation was building in my centrepieces. We found the first ‘green’ spot that could be set up and we went to town. I have NEVER shot so quickly in my life. The shoot is so small, but truly, I smile from ear-to-ear looking at the images.

Ashton I love your squishy nose smile when you look at Mike. Mike, I love seeing someone love such a beautiful woman with such insane passion, and showering her with unconditional love. I may know you both outside of photoshoots, but I honestly I am so very happy for you. Oh, crying a little, need to wrap this up, thank you to the amazing vendors who helped put this together. Small, but so proud of what was accomplished.

Photography: Just For You Photography /Hair Stylist:  Serena Jackson / Floral Designer:  Akiko Floral Artistry / Equipment Rentals:  Special Events Rentals / Makeup Artist:  Mookie Salinas Makeup Artistry / Location:  Whitemud Park, Edmonton