Based in Canada's capital city of Ottawa, Brittany Frid manages our team of wedding planners and is our lead designer. Brittany's award-winning wedding and editorial designs have been widely published on international wedding resources and she is personally involved in every wedding we take on.


I didn't set out to be a wedding planner, that's for sure. I haven't been dreaming about my wedding since I was a little girl: on the contrary, I wanted to be a lawyer. I started a career as a law clerk in the interim and within my first year, a friend of mine got engaged and asked for my help sourcing vendors. While researching for her, I noticed a distinct lack of resources for Ottawa brides and I knew if my friend and I were having trouble, others were too. So I came up with a solution: I launched a wedding blog for Ottawa brides and published a preferred vendors list along with all sorts of design inspiration. The thing took off like a bat out of hell. Within 3 months I was getting wedding submissions from vendors across the city, then across the country, then across the world. I got certified as a Wedding Planner in 2010 and in 2012 I launched planning and design services through the blog. I was completely booked up within months, and it's been non-stop ever since.

Present Day

Our team has grown significantly and we're still growing. We have 1 designer (Brittany), 3 core planners, and an astounding network of 87 freelancers that work periodically throughout the year on anything from floral prep, set ups, and more. I've developed a deep passion for floral design, lettering and photography over the years too and I've been exploring it through my work - it's been extremely successful, creatively fulfilling and such a joy to do. We have big plans for future expansion too, so stay tuned!


I love to shake things up, throw traditions out the window and throw a good party. I'm always striving to find the balance between masculine and feminine in every design. I often mix raw textures like wood, stone and greenery with refined ones like mixed metals and lush fabrics. My palette is always neutral but I'm gravitating towards berry hues and jewel tones. I am inspired by industrial design and minimalism.

Fun Facts

I love Italian food and big cities. I'm a walking restaurant guide, a bourbon fan and am an avid traveler having moved 19 times all over North America and going on big adventures every year - these photos are from my recent trip to Havana. I'm an aspiring calligrapher and photographer too. I can generally be found eating tacos and sharing travel stories with a Manhattan in hand, neat, two cherries.