Features Overview

You might have excellent vision but no time to plan, or you love to plan but have no creativity. Some just need guidance while others need us to handle everything. We break our services down because every couple has unique needs. Here are some services that we can mix & match for you:


Wedding Day Timelines

There are, on average, 45 - 65 events that transpire between the Rehearsal and Wedding Day alone that need to be timed perfectly in order for the event to go off without a hitch. 

Wedding Day Timelines are the most important part of our job. They ensure that your team of vendors knows what they need to do and when throughout the day, what your wedding party's movements are throughout the day, key times for photo opportunities shoot (like sunset portraits),  the order of speeches, the transportation schedule, song cues, processional and recessional orders for the ceremony, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

Our Master Timeline is broken down and customized individually for each vendor and for the wedding party, making their lives so much easier. We follow up with everyone to walk through the entire day with them before the wedding.  We're extra thorough that way.

Digital Design Studio

This is everyone's favourite part. This is like Pinterest, on crack. There's a part of our planning program where we create "boards" for every aesthetic element of your day and start filling them with all of the inspiration pictures that we feel best suite your wedding after we get to know your taste and style. You can add pictures too just by dragging and dropping them into the right boards.

In addition, we can build custom colour palettes for anything you want, from bridesmaids dresses to the colours you want in the stationery. The program magically finds all of the main colours every single image uploaded and gives you a beautiful colour palette, which can be saved anywhere. Our digital design studio is the solution to messy secret Pinterest boards.

Guest List Management

We've seen every guest list imaginable, from the handwritten to the Excel spreadsheets every bride inevitably starts. Ours is the most elegant, simplistic and sophisticated version. We can either import yours into ours magically, or if you haven't started your list yet you can start with our program. It tracks everything from names, families, children, meal selections, dietary restrictions, addresses, and of course their RSVP response.

When you're done entering them in, you have an extremely sophisticated document that we give to the caterers that breaks everything down for them exactly the ways they need to ensure that your dinner will go off without a hitch. 

3D Rendered Receptions

Okay, this part is REALLY cool. Once we have a rough idea of what your wedding is going to look like, we get the venue's specs and create a digital version of the space, to scale, with wall sconces and everything. It's CRAZY how detailed we can get. Then we select and lay out your tables and chairs, choose the linen colours, centrepieces, even lighting and draping, different styles of glassware and dinnerware and more. And then we get to "walk" you through your wedding. And it's going to blow your mind a little. Okay, a lot.

Budget & Payment Tracking

Talking about the budget is one of the more stressful things a couple can talk about when they are planning their wedding. And most couples have no idea how much vendors cost or what they ought to be spending where. We not only make those conversations a lot easier, but we manage the whole process for you.

We know how to break down your budget appropriately and how much certain elements will cost, so we create a custom budget for you where we can track our estimate and what the actual costs are, monitor payments and send reminders when balances are due, and keep you on budget throughout the process.

Colour Palettes & Style Boards

Using our Digital Design Studio, we fill each of the style boards with images that best represent the ideas that we've discussed. We can even upload our own sketches and 2D or 3D renderings of the space to collect everything in one easy location. 

e even create colour palettes for both the overall wedding theme and for any other areas you  might need, like samples for your bridesmaids' dresses or bowties for the men. We can send these boards to each of your vendors when they need to see inspiration, and it keeps our ideas organized.

Simple Seating Plans

Truly the easiest seating plan we've ever seen. Once you upload your contacts into our database, it allows you to literally drag and drop your guests' names to their seats with one click. No need to have a wall of stickies or big spreadsheets with confusing colour codes: keep it simple my friends.

You can add and remove any tables you need to, add or subtract chairs with one click, shuffle people around by dragging and dropping and easily identify children or anyone with dietary restrictions and different meal selections.

2D Floor Plans

Before we coordinate any wedding, we first make sure that the layout we built together is actually going to fit in your reception space. To be sure, we build a 2D floor plan to scale using the venue's exact dimensions. This way, we can play around with the seating and layout on our end before we arrive on site. 

Calendar Management

Keeping tabs on when payments are due, when dress and suit fittings are, what day your cake tasting is, when your appointment for your hair and makeup trials are, etc., starts to get a little stressful. We have a special wedding calendar for you that automatically tracks every date and task reminder that you'll ever need. 

If you want to incorporate it into your personal calendar, we'll give you a link to subscribe within your own calendar service so they'll sync and you'll never miss a deadline.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 2.35.09 PM.png

Custom Checklists

If the Timeline is the most important job for us to coordinate a wedding, the Checklist is the most important element for us to manage as part of the planning process. You have access to our checklist, which is a massive list of tasks that need to be complete by our team and by you and your partner in order to get the wedding actually planned. 

Not only is is broken down by task, but we also break it down by date so we know what timeframes we should be working within. We assign tasks to each of you so that you can stay focused on only what you have to do and leave us to do the rest. You'll even get email reminders and in-app notifications too. We review the checklist with you every time we speak.

Table Mock-Ups

Even with all the inspiration and 3D renderings in the world, you might still not have a clear picture of what your tables are going to look like. That's where we step in. We have a large showroom at our home studio that allows us to play.

We can create example floral centrepieces and customize our table to match your designs. We'll go source everything that you would have on your table, from the linens and cutlery to the table numbers and candle votives, so you can see exactly what you're getting.